We have always been obsessed with solving problems that other people cannot. After 15 years of focusing on helping businesses increase productivity with technology, we have come to realize that many companies have more repetitive tasks than their comfort levels allow, and that when they decide to automate, their productivity significantly increases

In this post I want to talk to you about 3 things that significantly increase productivity when properly applied.

1. Attitude: when a person has a positive attitude he/she is more likely to properly address any type of situation which arises. In other words, if you focus on the issue with a positive attitude your results are likely to be positive. On a daily basis most of us are dealing with problems that need to be solved, so maintaining a positive attitude is crucial to maintaining focus and productivity. If you have a person with the wrong attitude it is very likely that the tasks will become a mission, and the mission will most likely not get accomplished.

2. Process: as we all know, a process is a series of steps taken in a specific order to arrive at a well defined result or end. If the steps to a process are not very clear or not in the proper order, this will undeniably increase the time to complete the process and therefore have a negative impact on productivity. The question then becomes, what type of impact does this have on a business over the long run? A well defined process is a must for achieving maximum productivity.

1. Automation: automation happens when a process is completed with minimum or no human intervention. Technology seems to evolve at the speed of light, however processes sometimes have a difficult time catching up.
Let me give you one example: as needs in companies evolve, so do the needs for reporting. Many businesses find themselves creating or tweaking reports with tools such as Excel; and before you know it, they are creating tons of reports a month that eat up a lot of employee’s productive hours. What happens is that the reports needed changed and hence the process to generate the report had to change, however the proper technology was not used to automate the report creation process. This one repetitive task, then becomes the responsible for the lost in productive of the employees involved. Have you ever seen this happen in your business?.

Now wouldn’t it be great if all those reports were part of an automated process that allows you to generate new types of reports as the needs arise. And it would be greater if you could save those reports as you create them, so that they are available with a simple click.

In a nutshell, when you combine the right attitude, with the right process, and the right automation, the result is a significant increase in productivity.

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