Artificial Intelligence, Automation, IoT, Business Analytics, Open API, Integration, Cyber Security, Mobile Apps, Social, Cloud, Big Data, Blockchain, ChatBot… What do we focus on? What is the best way to integrateHow do we allocate our resources?

Do these questions sound familiar? They are common topics discussed by founders and leaders of companies who are focused on future growth. Today these technologies form the nuts and bolts that work behind the scenes to ensure business success in almost every industry.

These tools provide the foundation necessary so that customers’ experience and expectations are met with value. Not only will technology improve results for people who are buying your product, but this customer list encompasses all stakeholders including employees, clients, vendors, and prospects.

Digital Transformation is about how our society is evolving because of innovation with technology at the core. It’s about adding customer value in new ways to improve the overall experience. It’s about customers’ expecting delivery of digital goods immediately and physical goods in hours as opposed to days. It’s about anticipating trends in future needs to accommodate what clients value most.

By no means is this transformation exclusively about technology. However, for the most part, innovation in this digital age requires technology. Therefore, it is imperative to identify the technologies which are the right fit for your company. This growth starts by asking questions and then searching for tools to improve results.

Opportunity Questions:

  • How can we tap into growth opportunities to ramp up results?
  • What are your customers demanding?
  • Are we differentiating our product from the competition?
  • Will faster growth be achieved by selling to current customers or new contacts?

New Systems Questions:

  • Why should we upgrade systems and infuse a new way of thinking?
  • When can these changes be implemented?
  • Where does the greatest value lie for the customer and business development?

Without a digital transformation strategy, businesses get stuck in an endless loop of investing in individual digital technologies without a clear process that will lead to transformation. Technology alone won’t create the desired results. A strategy should always come first, followed by the implementation of the underlying technology. It might make sense to invest in one individual solution as an initial step. However, it all should be part of a bigger picture which involves a transformation strategy.

In brief, a Digital Transformation Strategy is becoming a minimum requirement for current and future growth.

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Otto Rivera is the CEO at HELPNET. He has a System Engineer // MBA degree and since 1998 has been helping companies simplify their business with the aid of technology. He loves to practice Skanda Yoga and truly believes that if you get the foundation right everything else falls into place.

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