The Internet of Things (IoT) is broadly defined as the capability of intelligent devices to communicate among each other without human intervention.  In a nutshell, IoT promises to deliver real-time information that will help automate the decision making process. One example of an IoT application is the critical communications required between self-driving cars.

Today most IoT discussions center mainly around the possible future benefits. However, we believe that businesses can begin to prepare and take advantage of  IoT today. This can be done via a combination of hardware and software applications that understand the logic behind your business model and are designed to make decisions based on this logic.

For instance, in logistics this could mean software capable of automatically preparing documentation when sufficient packages on the same route and with similar priority constraints are in the system. This Software combined with GPS, sensors and 3rd party tracking systems can map and pinpoint where boxes are located, determine which incoming shipments should be consolidated in the next shipment, prepare the documentation with the earliest possible shipment date, and automatically notify customers with real-time data.

This example is one way of taking advantage of IoT in today’s business environment. It requires a combination of custom software development and implementation and integration of 3rd party systems and hardware technology.

Please contact our business development team, if you have an idea or would like to discuss possible ways of automating and preparing your business for the Internet of Things.

Otto Rivera is the CEO at HELPNET. He has a System Engineer // MBA degree and since 1998 has been helping companies simplify their business with the aid of technology. He loves to practice Skanda Yoga and truly believes that if you get the foundation right everything else falls into place.

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